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Probate Property Service

Specifically designed to support those heirs having to deal with probate property disposals, our package of services is completely hassle-free, highly effective and is the most efficient and fair way of achieving full market value for a deceased person’s estate.

The Haslams Probate Property Service can provide all the services you might need whilst preparing for the property disposal. It can be relied upon to generate the maximum possible value for an estate in the shortest possible time. For busy executors or solicitors it’s the dream option – it’s easy, completely reliable and highly professional, just as you would expect of us. We offer:

Our track record of property sales using the sealed bid process is hugely impressive, with completed transactions increasing final sale price over original estimates. We have examples of this process delivering anywhere between £25,000 and as much as £75,000 above guide price! Haslams is Reading’s longest established and foremost estate agency. No-one is better positioned to maximise the value of probate property in Reading and its villages. We take on full responsibility for bringing the property to the market and realising the highest possible value for the estate.

The simplest and most straightforward wayofdisposing of probate property is now also the most beneficial in terms of value. Put it in the hands of the Haslams Probate Property Service.

Call 0118 960 1000 to make an appointment with the Haslams Probate Property Service and ask for Paul Hayhow.

Sep 27, 2014 - 04:05 PM